Inness Thomson is a multi-award winning designer and maker of high quality stone set jewellery reflecting his island heritage and his eclectic range of interests.


Born in Shetland, Inness grew up on a croft in Fair Isle and spent his childhood learning essential hand skills in working wood and metal under the watchful eyes of his Father, Uncle and Grandfather. From a young age Inness had a work bench in his bedroom and whether it was modifying his toys, designing, making and flying model aircraft or turning driftwood in to tableware on his grandfathers’ lathe, Inness was always most at home at the bench with tools in his hands. This hands on experience was to be crucial in his fifteen years as a top level guitar maker for Glasgow's Moon Guitars. Inness has always had a love for design and intricate workmanship which led him to put down his woodworking tools and pursue a career in jewellery.


It was while studying for his HND in jewellery design and manufacture at North Glasgow College that Inness discovered his natural talent for fine jewellery manufacture and his love of intricate stone setting techniques. 


Having achieved a First Class Honours  in Jewellery with Technology from Dundee University, Inness is continuing to developing his style by incorporates the use of CAD and modern manufacturing techniques to supplement his traditional bench skills to enable the creation of complex and intricate design led pieces of jewellery.